CBD: The Elixir your skin needs

The skincare industry is not just about looking good anymore. It’s about feeling good. Greater understanding of the concept of holistic wellbeing coupled with the cutting edge innovations have made ‘wellness’ the center point of the skincare products. Products are made not just for the skin but for the holistic wellness of your body and mind. CBD the ingredient that has taken the beauty and wellness industry by storm.  It’s goodness makes you feel beautiful inside and out. From reducing acne to delaying signs of aging and soothing sensitive skin, CBD has many benefits and the skincare industry can’t seem to stop praising it.

Read on to know everything about this wonder called CBD.  

What is CBD?

CBD AKA cannabidiol is a chemical compound extracted from the plant called Cannabid sativa. CBD is a naturally occurring non-intoxicating part of the marijuana or the hemp plant. It has gained popularity among the proponents of clean beauty for being non- toxic and gentle on your skin.

Since the CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant its THC content ( for the uninitiated, THC is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that is responsible for giving you a high when you consume it) is negligible hence its application does not give you a high. 

What are the benefits of using CBD?

CBD comes with numerous benefits for your skin.  It is extracted as a powder and then mixed with coconut, olive or hemp oil to boost its effectiveness. CBD face oil is the most sought after product and rightly so.

CBD is brimming its cup with benefits and is known to be a promised treatment for a host of skincare issues. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, it even substantially reduces your headaches and migraines. Moreover, If you are a follower of the clean beauty movement then it’s one product that you must seriously consider investing in. Here’s why CBD is becoming the new favorite for everyone.

Ideal for sensitive skin: The acid in a healthy skin keeps it hydrated. When this does not happen the skin becomes dry and fragile and gets irritated easily. All this intensifies and heightens conditions like eczema and rosacea that are tied to sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and calm the skin making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. Its skin-calming effects help in substantially reduce issues typically associated with sensitive skin. However, every skin type is exposed to environmental stress and pollution, the soothing effect is beneficial for all types of skin. 

Treats acne:  Researches have concluded that CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities are effective in treating acne as well. CBD has also proved to be reducing the production of excess oil in the skin. Excess oil production as we know is a contributory factor in acne. 

Effective anti-aging product: One of the most significant reasons for CBD’s popularity in skincare products is the fact that it has powerful anti-aging ingredients. CBD oil contains antioxidants that act against the free-radicals that are present in environmental stresses like sun exposure and pollution. Regular use of CBD face oil and creams delay the signs of aging like wrinkles and skin dullness.

It’s time to bid adieu to wrinkles, rashes and acne! Healthy glowing skin and fewer breakouts is CBD’s promise to you. CBD face oil is a magical product that your skin is absolutely going to adore making you fall in love with yourself once again.

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