Tips for a better night's sleep

I have been having the best sleep lately and really looking forward to my nights of rest. I would usually be the last person to give sleep advice because my friends know me as a perpetual night owl.

But...when you know better-ish, you do better

Since I have implemented these few resources, I have been falling asleep easily, staying asleep through the night and waking up feeling rested & refreshed.

Here is what I have been doing:

If you don’t want technology to be a part of your sleep ritual, I get it. I’m embarrassed to admit, I frequently listen to bad tv or true crime podcasts at night. No wonder I find myself waking at 3 am.

Of course, I know better. So I hit play on the Get Sleepy Podcast one night and drifted off on a Costa Rican adventure from my bed. I’m hooked on this podcast. Do you like short stories? It feels like a cross between a guided meditation & an audio short story. You are read to in a soothing English accent. While listening, you are taken to far away lands filled with relaxing sounds and nocturnal adventures.

There you have it. Mel’s tips for a restful nights sleep.

Let me know if you try any of these & how well you rested.

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